Day 317: “Website base done. Dropshipping?”

Sitting at my desk (with my brother’s badass computer) writing this blog

First real blog, here we go…

1:24am (Technically day 318)

So I’ve had my Patreon page and website active for about a week now, but I haven’t been telling anybody about them yet bc I feel like they still weren’t quite ready.

Two things have been holding me up:

  1. “Support Local Music” T-shirt
  2. Add more items for droppshipping?

“Support Local Music” T-shirt

So I’ve come up with this simple idea to make a T-Shirt that says “Support Local Music” on the front and on the back it has a QR code that links to a page on my website that lists ways you can support local music yourself -OR- support me supporting local music. That way when you’re wearing it you are literally supporting local music! AND since that helps me out, I think I wanna be selling it AT COST! 👍

“Support” Webpage

I did some research to try find as many different ways to support local music as possible so I could start listing them on my website. As I started to dive into it I started to get stuck on how I would integrate the two best ways to support local music:

  1. Go to local shows
  2. Buy their merch

As of now, I just have a couple links that direct you to other websites/apps that are built to find shows/concerts big and small, but I want to figure out something better. I dont have anything in place to where you can buy other bands’ merch. I’m trying to figure out things like:

  1. Are you going to feature artists and have links to their pages?
  2. If so, how will you pick the bands to feature?
  3. What other ways can you accomplish this?

I still have other ideas and things I want to add, but those will take some time and figuring out to integrate. I will add them soon, but for now, I move on…


I ordered a test-run T-Shirt from They are a little bit pricey, but everything is automized and they have a very easy interface with great “mock-up” photos of the products that I can use on my website (which saves me a huuuge headache!).

That got me thinking though, maybe I should put “Support Local Music” on other items and dropship those. I could put up facebook ads (Hootsuite will give you a credit for $100 in free fb ads PER MONTH with a free account), and maybe sell a few things here and there while I’m focusing on this blog and posting my research. Since dropshipping is all automated, every time I make a sale it will be automatically fulfilled and shipped. I wouldn’t have anything to worry about except tweaking facebook ads. Not to mention, Black Friday is around the corner…

Where I’m At Now

Right now I have two T-Shirts on my website to sell. They both say “Support Local Music”, but one has the QR code, the other doesn’t. I’m selling the one with the QR code at cost because it helps me generate awareness. The shirt with no code (just for fashion) will be marked up, because if your not helping me spread the word, then you’ll be helping me with money to allow me to do all of this.

The Plan From Here

I’m probably going to pull an “all-nighter” and start getting some facebook ads started (and hopefully up and running) before I go to work tomorrow at 5pm. That way I can mayyyybe make a sale while I’m out at work! 🤞 That’d be cool.

Anyway, I just realized I spent an hour writing this. Those are my thoughts. Gotta get back to work!

[more context: Who’s Lil Palm Tree?]

2:31am (Technically day 318)

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