Day 318: “Why Isn’t This Working?!”


Writing this blog at work while I’m waiting tables. Just one sentence at a time.

Facebook Ads

I put up some fb ads for the T-shirts that went live early this morning. The thing is… I just checked and I still haven’t gotten even 1 “impression” for these first 8 hours or more.

I might just be impatient, but I thought it would start doing something by now! It could also just be that my ads suck because I pretty much just slapped them together… 🤷‍♂️

Plan For After Work

When I get home it’s strait to the computer again! 👨‍💻 I have to:

  • Tweak how blogs are laid out on website
  • Add Patreon button to blogs
  • Add social media buttons to website
  • FB boost post ads for “Who’s Lil Palm Tree” video

Hopefully that won’t take me too long bc I’ll get home to start probably around 3:00am, and have to be back at work at 12pm tomorrow (Thursday). Doesn’t leave much time for sleep, but I can handle it💁‍♂️ There’s so much to do!! Ahhhhhhhh



I couldn’t stop thinking about everything I needed to do while I was at work! So I finally get home, and what do I do? I get lost scrolling on fb and ig for about 20 minutes! 🤦‍♂️ I finally snapped my self out of it and got to work though.

I finished the first 3 bullet points for my after work plan (listed above). I didn’t boost the fb post. BUTTTTTT, I also didn’t plan on finishing this blog post after work! So I am still satisfied with my “after-work efforts” (I guess you can call it?).

Oh, and the fb ad thing? Still ZERO impressions. I’m gonna research it tomorrow and find out why I have a whole day of nothing (again, probably crappy ads 👎).

Time for bed so I can get back to waiting tables in 8 hours!🙄 ((I miiiight be 1–2 days late on rent! Hopefully tomorrow goes well 😬))


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