FB Ad Approved And Marked As “Completed”, But Did NOT Deliver?


I set-up a Facebook Ad for my T-Shirts (split-test) a few weeks ago. I went through the whole process and completed everything. I got a notification and an email saying the ad was approved, but the next few days, not one cent was spent and there were no stats. I eventually got a notification that said “Your Ad has been completed!”. So…

Why wasn’t my ad shown to even one person??


Screenshot of a helpful article I found

I found this article from a simple google search. It lists 15 common problems and how to fix them. Turns out that in my situation it could be hard to pin-point the problem and it’s best to just start the ad over from scratch with these 15 common problems and solutions in mind!

Possible Solutions

  • Raise Bid amounts and use Facebook’s suggested bidding tool
  • Raise Ad-Set Budget
  • Make audience larger
  • Make sure Facebook Pixel is set up if marked “on” for the add

Check out the article to get a better understanding!

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