Day 324: “Here’s What I Gotta Do…”

Lil Palm Tree working on his computer at his parent’s dinner table with his little puppy, Jill, in his lap watching as he works🤗


Where I’m At


My website is up and running. Right now it has some basic research/resources for musicians, a T-Shirt for sale at MY COST with a QR code (or for a $10 profit if you want it without the code that links to my website), and a link to my Patreon page.


My Patreon page is complete. I have 5 Patrons so far, totaling $66 (after fees). I just finished setting everything up including the “Thank You” message and “benefit fulfillment system”, which were the last things on my agenda for Patreon.


My “Who is Lil Palm Tree?” video is up publicly on and Facebook. It’s still set to private on YouTube, meaning you can’t search it, you can only view it if you have the link. I “boosted” the post of the video on FB for $20 and got my first haters [Read the comments]. I also met cool guy in the comments from south Texas that supports the vision and wants to have me on his podcast, Jackal’s Corner! It’s pretty cool, check it out!

What’s Next?

1.) “Who’s Lil Palm Tree?” Video

First, I need to make sure the video is posted everywhere and easy to find…

  1. YouTube: Fill in video description, tags, etc. and switch to “public” view.
  2. Instagram: Post video (with other pics/vids in same post!) and create a “highlight story” showcasing video.

2.) Patreon Base

After my video is posted everywhere and everything is in place, then I’m going to work on getting together a small base of 20 Patrons before I move forward. In the beginning I’m only worried about number of patrons, NOT dollar amount. I just need people to support the vision! 💪

I plan on asking family and close friends to help donate towards my self-education (which I’ll be broadcasting to anyone else who wants to learn) for just $1/month. That’s all I need, because before I start going to strangers, I want to show people I already have a base of supporters backing me with their hard earned cash! (Even if it is only $1😇)

3.) Adding More Valuable Resources

Once I have a small base of initial supporters, then I’m going to post another load of research and cool links to my website for independent artists to use. This 1.) legitimizes my site even more for future supporters, and 2.) shows current supporters I’m making progress. 🏃‍♂️

4.) Facebook Ads

Next, I start promoting and getting the word out to strangers! (This step requires a lot of brushing up and extra research!☝️)

I need to create a bunch of different ads so I can test them against each other at low dollar amounts, find the winner, then push all in!💯

  1. Create and research Facebook “Pixel”.
  2. Create 3 different ads for each thing advertised. For example, 3 different ads promoting the website, 3 promoting the video, 3 promoting a specific blog post, 3 promoting the T-Shirt, etc…
  3. Create 3 different audiences for ads to get shown to.
  4. Create different FB Ad “Campaigns”.
  5. Run a small set of ads for 1–2 weeks at a time looking until you get results for allllll of your variables

5.) School Is In Session:📚

While I am testing all of my FB Ad variables, I hit the books (or websites😁)!

NOW I can spend a good amount of my free time actually researching and sharing what I find! I’m going to post anything I happen to be researching at the time, like Facebook Ad stuff, copyrights, marketing tips, etc…

So, What Did You Do Today?

Today was my day off. I went to breakfast with a couple good friends and then tagged along with them to some crystal shops. Crystals and that sort of thing don’t really spark my interest, so I figured it’d be a good opportunity to write my blog from my phone WHILE I spend time with them. Welp, I kept giving myself excuses and hardly got any of my blog written… OR anything else productive. I didn’t really start getting this blog post done until about 7pm

Since then I’ve been stuck on my phone alternating between writing this blog post, helping my cousin set up his band’s Spotify profile (Another Addiction), and scrolling through social media 😅

Looking back on today I could’ve gotten way more done, but hey, I’m no Gary Vee, or Grant Cardone… I’m here posting my journey to try to prove that you can get to where you wanna go, become successful and still have days where you didn’t “HUSTLE, HUSTLE, HUSTLLLLLLLE!”.

You just have to create a plan and follow through. Sometimes you do have to stop and re-think your whole direction, but that’s ok. You’ll figure it out, just go.

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