How Im Getting Over My Scatter-Brained Tendencies In 3-Simple Steps

Creating A System

Last week I started a new “system” to organize my thoughts, plans, and projects. I realized having “systems” in place for certain things are important. I learned this from reading (listening) to “E-Myth Revisited”. Also, from reading “The One Thing” I’ve learned that its important to focus on ONE THING at a time. So, I put these two ideas together and came up with my weekly goal system.

I have ONE goal for the week, and ONE goal for each day. When I complete all seven of my daily goals the weekly goal is hit. For the first few weeks my weekly goal is going to be the same until I realize I need to change it. This is what it looks like:

Week 56 Goal:

Have 7 pieces of content scheduled for the following week that bring value.

Daily Goals:

  1. Friday: Blog/Vlog
  2. Saturday: Song Release Handbook
  3. Sunday: Book Report
  4. Monday: Music
  5. Tuesday: Prepare 7 posts for scheduling
  6. Wednesday: Schedule the 7 posts
  7. Thursday: Weekly Self-Audit

So for most of 2019 I did have a major goal in mind, but was so scatter-brained with different smaller projects (that actually DID coincide with the bigger goal), that I kept changing focus and didn’t really have much to show for the year because before I finished one project I would move to the next.

I knew that having a goal in mind and planned steps/milestones to get there were very important for hitting that goal, but I couldn’t decide on the order of steps to take, OR if some of the steps I was taking were even immediately necessary. I was constantly filled with anxiety and a rushed feeling to get things done, seeing as I had so many smaller projects to fulfill my bigger dream, on top of having a full time job and having to pay for life.

Managing Your Willpower

Again, the book “The ONE Thing” by Gary Keller with Jay Papasan taught me a lot and really helped lower my anxiety. I really recommend this book, so I started writing a chapter-by-chapter breakdown/book report, so more people can get this info, because I know a lot of people are not going to read the whole book. Hopefully, though, I can get people to read ONE chapter summary at a time and help them out!

One of the biggest lessons that resonates with me the most in this book deals with 3 things:

  • Willpower
  • Habits
  • Self-Discipline


Willpower is widely misunderstood. It is to be thought of as a battery🔋. You start off your day with a fully charged battery and as you go through out your day, things like: resisting temptaion, suppressing impulses, coping with fear, doing things you dont enjoy, and self-discipline in general will use up your battery life. If you use up too much, welp, by the end of the day your willpower is depleted, only to be recharged after a good nights rest and proper nutrition. THIS MEANS THAT WILLPOWER IS NOT ALWAYS ON WILL-CALL!


Good, self-improving actions take a lot of self-discipline, and ultimately willpower, BUT once that action is engrained and formed into a habit, the level of willpower needed to keep it up dramatically decreases.


Super successful people seem to have LOADS of self-discipline, but the truth is they do not have anymore self-discipline than you or I. They simply engage their self-discipline on ONE positive action at a time, until it forms into a habit. This frees up more self-discipline to then create another good habit. And with lots of good, self building habits in place you create the illusion of being a master of self-discipline.


I just learned all of this, and am still figuring out the best plan of attack using this new information as a guide. So far I feel more confident I’m going to get closer to my big dream faster, and have less anxiety about the speed of progress that I’m making. Thats its for this blog, we’ll see how much progress I actually make very soon!

Special Thanks To:

  • Bianca Lloyd – Friend
  • Gary Keller – Author of “The One Thing”
  • Jay Papasan – Author of “The One Thing”
  • Michael E. Gerber – Author of “The E-Myth Revisited”

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