Day 317: “Website base done. Dropshipping?”

First real blog, here we go… 1:24am (Technically day 318) So I’ve had my Patreon page and website active for about a week now, but I haven’t been telling anybody about them yet bc I feel like they still weren’t quite ready. Two things have been holding me up: “Support Local Music” T-shirt Add more items for droppshipping? “Support Local Music” T-shirt So I’ve come up with this simple idea to … Continue reading Day 317: “Website base done. Dropshipping?”

Cool Links – For every review you do you will get one back. Each song can have up to 20 reviews. – Free airplay on internet radio. 10 free spins per week, or more spins with paid plans. – Learn about home studio hardware and software – Add your music data to AllMusic, a comprehensive and in-depth resource for finding out more about the albums, bands, … Continue reading Cool Links


Right of Public Performance – (ONLY: composition/songwriter/publisher) This protects you when your song is performed to the public. Any time your song is played in public, be it over the radio or live or online, it is a public performance. Again, you’ll make the most money here by licensing your right to others. Radio stations and venues pay you, through a PRO, to be able to play … Continue reading Keywords